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Safety Note: The Make Space does NOT suggest you should do any of the projects you see on these channels. Many of these videos entail working with tools that have a serious chance of injury or even death. If you decide to take on a project you see, it is imparitive you do due-dilligence and contact professionals to ensure safe operation of tools and projects. Members of The Make Space, while not experts themselves, can assist you in understanding some of these dangers and help get you pointed in the right direction.

I Like To Make Stuff - Bob is the onscreeen personality. The channel is his chronicle of making things for a more fulfilling life... woodworking, electronics, home repair/renovation, welding, leather-working, 3D printing and much much more.
April Wilkerson April's channel as she showcases her work. An accomplished maker with no quanitifications, she has become a powerful roll-model for parents wishing to inspire their daughters to push beyond the societal norm and persue a career in S.T.E.A.M. David Piccuito's channel has always been primarily a woodworking channel, but he is slowly pushing the envelope of making. From ornate, simple wooden trinkets to complex, stunning furniture, features something for every grade of woodworker (and other interests in later videos).
Jimmy DiResta Jimmy is an accomplished maker and inventor stretching back at least two decades. Metal, Wood, Leather... it doesn't matter the medium, Jimmy's channel is certain to have something that stunns and inspires even the most discriminating maker.
The King of Random Formerly Grant Thompson's (R.I.P. 2019) channel, Grant had gone behind the scenes even before his passing. Lots of simple and exciting projects that can be made with minimal dependance on parental effort, the TKoR channel is quite that... random. Metal-melting foundry, Gummi Candies, toys, and a host of other home-made projects that will make an awesome parent-child building experience.
DIY Tyler Tyler G is a self-taught handy-man who has come to realize its cheaper and better to build it yourself than to buy a finished project. Travel with him as he builds a new & better life for himself and his family... And see how easy it is for you to do it as well.
JDG Industries One of the Make Space's members had begun building a channel and brand, however decided against it. He however still adds videos from time to time of his maker projects, and also has an 80+ subscription list that is publically visible, which you can view to see if any other Youtube Makers catch your interest... just click on "Channels".