Band Saw

WEN 14 Inch Bandsaw with Stand

  • Model: 3966
  • Band saw User Manual
  • Specs:
    • Quick adjust blade tension
    • LED worklight
    • Circle cutting jig
  • Consumable parts:
    • 100-3/4 inch blades, from 1/8 to 1 inch in width


DO NOT use this machine without first going through the training below and completing the test at the end.

  • TMS Band Saw Guide (PDF)
  • YouTube: replacing the band saw blade for the WEN 14" Band Saw:

  • YouTube: Band saw safety from the Woodworkers Guild of America:

Tips from the Make Space

  • ALWAYS use dust collection when running the band saw
  • ALWAYS engage quick tension lever (lever in the back top center) before running band saw and release tension from band saw when done with it
  • NEVER cut metal on this band saw. Besides not having the proper blade on it for cutting metal, the metal shavings can enbed themselves into others wood projects

Safety Test

Once you have watched/read the training material above, take the following band saw safety test and make sure to add your name and put the Make Space contact email in the instructor's email field. A trainer from the Space will contact you to do set up a demonstration test.