Physical Location

Things to keep in mind when you are at the Space:


  • Fire extinguishers are on either side of the door from the front room to the back room.
  • Contact the board through email or Slack to report anything unusual, including broken tools, messes, stray ideas, etc.


If you are in the space and would like to, you can turn on the open sign and unlock the door so you can welcome any guests into the space. Please remember to turn it off when you are finished.


Make sure you lock up the front door and check that the back door isn't propped open when you leave.


Do remember that we have cameras in the space which are visible on our website. Please act decently and responsibly.


Don't go too extreme with the thermostat when in the space (that can break it!), and make sure to turn it back to a neutral temperature when unoccupied (around 65 in the winter and 72 in the summer)

Dust Collection

Using dust collection when operating tools that create dust and cleaning while and after you are done for the day is mandatory. You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself and you will be held accountable for it.

Doors open/closed

We keep these doors open:

  • Backroom (unless noisy/dusty)
  • Front room to hallway
  • Back hall (when space is occupied)

We keep these doors closed:

  • Networking closet

Steps Safety

Please be careful on front steps when rainy, snowy, or icy. Use the broom and snow shovel behind the lighted sign to clear the steps off if you are in the space and we are open to the public.


We have an incoming mailbox for the space out back next to the entrance of the dance studio. Ask a board member if you need access.


Restrooms for the space are shared with the other occupants of the building, and is down the long hallway and to the right, through a set of double-doors.


We have internet access available for those in the space. The password will be listed in the front area.