General Retailers

2nd Hand Sales

  • Goodwill
  • St. Vincent De Paul's
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • CentrePeace
  • FaithCentre
  • G&R Demolition (Tyrone)
  • Hunters Warehouse
  • Lion Surplus - - PennState's (PSU) suplused equipment & goods "retail" store. Lots of computers, office equipment, and similar items.
  • Surplus City (Bellwood) - - As the name suggests, a surplus dealer, especially useful for metal and/or fasteners; also carries tools, electrics, plumbing, and a host of other items. Located between Tyrone & Altoona.

Local Generalized Retailers

  • Harbor Freight - - Located in Altoona & Lock Haven, as well as several other towns.
  • Home Depot - - West end of State College at Valley View & North Atherton.
  • Lowes - - West end of State College at Valley View & North Atherton.
  • Bi-lo Plumbing - - A plumbing supply store. Often the only supplier for black iron pipe & fittings.
  • Tractor Supply - - Rural retailer as the name implies. Has a decent selection of tools, both cheap and better quality, as well as connector hardware. Located on Benner Pike out passed Nittany Mall.

Online Generalized Retailers

  • Amazon - - THE online retail giant. Prime subscription often allows for delivery in as little as two days.
  • eBay - - The global online flea market. When you can't find it any where else, you probably can find it here, though usually more expensive and longer ship times.
  • Micromark - - has both tools and materials for smaller-scale projects. Caters to model makers (cars/boats/trains/planes, etc)
  • Woot! - - Has daily deals. Had an Ender3 for $175 a few weeks ago.[]()