Allen S. Cheung Memorial

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Allen Shunfai Cheung

January 4th, 1971 - September 9th, 2016

Allen barbequeing

Allen was a very important member of our community, not just for the support he gave our group, not just for the knowledge he shared with every member looking for answers, but because he was a role model for us all in the way he lived his life.

For those of you who did not know Allen Cheung or for those of you who did. Allen fit all the clichés people typically say when people die. He was genuinely the nicest person in the world. He would literally give you the shirt off his back. He was a philanthropist, he donated his time and resources to helping out ndividuals and The Make Space in downtown State College.

He would do anything for anyone. Even you reading this without knowing him, he would have helped you too! He was that kind of guy!

Many people don't know this about Allen but he even held two jobs to support a disabled woman he barely knew until she passed this last year.

He was a Christian man and he believed in Heaven. I hope for the sake of the universe that one exists because a man like Allen deserves such a proposed glorious place for eternity.

He cared for his parents. I know he recently started visiting them more often and that he really loved them. He wanted to spend more time with them and I am glad that he did.

He was one of my best friends. I could always count on him and I will truly miss him as a friend.
-Joseph S. - Sept. 12th, 2016
Allen's final resting place in Pittsburgh near his parents